My Work


Client: Bookit Bookkeeping

Industry: Finance

Bookit Bookkeeping was ready for a brand refresh and hired me to take care of the words. Working closely with the director, Karen, and the branding agency she’d engaged, I helped build the story around their new logo and their company, using a casual, positive tone the supported their tagline, ‘We feel your success’.

I wrote copy for their: website, A4 flyers, DL flyer, email marketing, and social media.


Client: Good Talent

Industry: PR

Good Talent wanted to promote their expertise in PR and crisis management in a more accessible way. I helped them craft blog posts using real-life examples and action points that let their audience implement what they’re reading. More often, their audience would rather work with Good Talent, because of how clearly I help them break down the many facets of PR.


Client: Hardline Wealth

Industry: Finance

Hardline Wealth wanted their customers to feel like family when they visited the website. I used a warm, conversational tone to create their copy while incorporating mandatory financial lingo to keep them compliant.

Copywriting and Editing

Client: Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA)

Industry: Training

Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) is one of the leading providers of competency-based training material, and now the Skills Service Organisation for the manufacturing industry. I have worked with them to write news items that highlight recent events, updated webpages to reflect current information and edited various reports as they are produced.

Listing Copywriting

Client: Ray White

Industry: Real Estate

Ray White needed copy for a beautiful property that was going to sell for over a million dollars. They wanted to emphasise the heritage of the building (previously a chapel relocated from NSW) as well as the modern renovations in a way that potential buyers could be excited about. They provided all the necessary information and photographs,  and using those, I crafted a listing that highlighted the home’s history and features. I curated my adjective use to maintain the right impact.

Monthly e-Newsletters

Client: YPA Wyndham

Industry: Real Estate

YPA Wyndham is one of the bigger real estate brands in the west. Their Wyndham branch wanted to connect with their customers more and approached me for a regular e-newsletter. Each month, I write a feature article piece on a current topic (such as reserve rate, first home buyer’s grant, house sale preparation), as well as edit the listing copy for a recently sold house.

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