About Me

I’m Tegan Ang, Copywriter

My love for words started young. As a child, I wrote poems and fantasy stories, and moved on to fanfiction in my teens. Even though most of my employment wasn’t writing-focussed, I still became the go-to for questions around language: does this make sense? Can you check my grammar? What do you mean, I can’t use numbers for words?

My previous jobs have seen me write e-newsletters, flyers, job ads, brochures, website content, and email templates. 

Now my only job is to make sure your content is on brand and ready to be seen.

I’ve written for:

Real Estate




Why I love writing

“There is something magical about finding the right words. It’s that instant connection to your heart. You feel giddy and content all at the same time.

Writing for business is no different. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that the words you’re writing are a match for the brand and that is one of the best feelings in the world.”

Need copy that clicks?